How To Check If You Have Been Pre-Selected For NPowerNG 2017

Follow the steps below to check if you have been selected for the NPowerNG 2017 scheme. 

a.) Login to

b.) Click on “Check your pre-selection status”

c.) In the search box, type in your Name or Phone Number or Email Address or BVN

d.) If you have been pre-selected your name will pop up

e.) You will receive an SMS and email congratulating you on your pre-selection

f.) Next you prepare for Physical Verification between November 27th – December 8th, 2017

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TIPS! How To Process Inter-University Transfer In Nigeria [See Details]

Probably due to one problem or the other, tertiary institution students may wish to transfer to another school. Among the few reasons why a student may wish to transfer to another school are changes in security situations of the host school, transfer of parents who may be civil servants or military personnel to another state, personal challenges, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions on Inter University Transfer in Nigeria

Is it possible to transfer from one university to another?
Which schools accept inter university transfer?
How to apply for inter university transfer?
Is there any inter university transfer program in Nigeria?
Who can apply for inter school transfer?
We will be elaborating on the above questions below to guide prospective transfer students on how to apply for inter-school transfer from one university to another within Nigeria. It is worth noting that this procedure do not work outside Nigeria.

Checkpoints for Inter University Transfer

Make sure you have a good result (CGPA) in your former school, no school will accept a dull student.
You can only apply to programmes related (or same) as the one you are studying in your former school.
You must have good m0ral record in your former school and you must not have any record of involvement in secret societies.
You must have made all necessary inquiries from the accepting school before informing your former school/department that you are living.
Considering the security situations in Nigeria, make reasonable inquiry into your security in the new school you intend transferring to.
Consider weather, living conditions, academic standard of the school, culture, etc before applying.

Applying for Inter University Transfer in Nigeria

Before you start, we advise that you make necessary inquiries (in person, not through proxy) from the school you intend transferring to, only that way you will know the availability of space in the department you intend joining and be sure that they will accept you based on CGPA and otherwise.
If number (1) above is a success, then apply to your parent institution that you would like to withhold your admission for a transfer to another university. Your department will guide you through this process.

Proceed to submit application for inter university admission into the new school if (1) and (2) is satisfactory. Most schools like UNN, UNILORIN, etc have a specific time of the year when they accept transfer students. It is up to you to check when the forms are on sale. If you would like us to inform you, then indicate in comment below and we will have you covered. It’s a promise!

Please Note: Skipping number (1) above is dangerous! This is because if your request for inter University transfer is not granted by the receiving institution when your admission in parent school have already been withheld, you can only return to your former Institution as a New Student and not to continue as an undergraduate, regardless of your level before the transfer. It is important therefore to make sure you will be accepted before leaving!

MUSIC: Cruz9ja Rap Cypher – TAKE OVER | @Cruz9jaEnt

 Cruz9ja Rap Cypher – TAKE OVER | @Cruz9jaEnt (Download Mp3)

Cruz9ja Ent. sums up the best Rap act from the Middle Belt on a joint to deliver the Cruz9ja Cypher. The Rap Cypher which is laced with murder punchlines both in Tiv, English, Idoma and the various languages across the middle belt might sure get the host to jail after banging on the speakers of anticipating listeners as all the Rappers got the beat killed to further cement the murder. The Cruz9ja Rap Cypher titled ‘TAKE OVER’ which got 10 Top Rappers from the Middle Belt/North Central Features the likes of Krayzie Tee, J T Warrior, J Kobi, Stainz, Danni Vembs, Noobvee, Eltee, Melody, EMS & Meddy.

Twitter: @Cruz9jaEnt | @ItsGswag



Simple Ways To Pass Your USA Embassy Visa Interview (See Here)

Learn more what to expect when going for an American embassy visa interview and how to prepare for it.

The visa interview 85% of the time determines whether your visa application gets accepted or rejected.

The consular expects you, to be honest, stay for the authorized duration and come back after that, they wouldn’t want anyone to live or work in the USA.

People aren’t aware of the basic rules and penalties involved for breaking these rules, if you get a business visa, it doesn’t mean you can go to the U.S to start a business, If you get a 10 year multiple entry visas, doesn’t mean you can stay in the USA for 10 years, 10 years multiple entry visas means you can visit the USA anytime within the next year. The actual stay per visit is determined by the number of days stamped on your passport at the port of entry, which is usually between 3 to 6 months, you can extend your stay for up to 6 months.

Simple TIPS on how to Pass your USA Embassy Visa Interview:
Dress appropriately.
Arrive early.
Don’t get too nervous.
Great and smile.
Be confident in your answers.
Be polite and demonstrate respect in your language.
Don’t be afraid to say I beg your pardon if you do not understand a question because of the Interviewers accent.
Frequently asked questions on how to Pass your USA Embassy Visa Interview:
What would you do if you won jackpot in a Las Vegas casino
What if someone offers you a high paying salary job
What do you do if someone offers you a partnership in his business
What if a beautiful woman/man proposes to you for marriage
The officers at the embassy ask these questions to analyse the applicants, don’t give any answers without thinking, it’s always best to answer honestly if the officer doubts your intention to leave the U.S after your visit, your visa may be rejected, you must also demonstrate that you have enough financial support and you will not become a burden to the USA.
If you give answers like, I will buy properties in the U.S. and live there after winning the jackpot, I will accept the job offer or partnership or I will get married and live with the U.S. citizen, your visa application will be rejected, when you apply for a tourist visa, you are supposed to visit and return to your country.

For every question you answer, you must be prepared to provide supporting documents if needed, If consular officer asks about your ties to your home country, you should state reasons why you would return to your country, If your answer is ‘’my wife and children are in Nigeria’’or “I’m the CEO of my business” or maybe you’re holding an important role in the company you are currently working, you should be prepared to show proof of this to strengthen your answer.

If you’re not comfortable speaking English, you can request for a consul who can converse in your preferred dialect

The purpose of your tour should be vacationing, visiting family, friends or relatives or any allowed activities, Always respond with correct answers, all the details you submitted in your application form is stored in their database and they can look it up to verify your answers at any point in time, If your application has been previously rejected, you can’t change details the next time you go for an interview, know all the answers to the questions on your visa application form by heart.

Your appearance should show who you are, if you’re a business executive, you should look like one, if you are a student, dress up like a student, your body language should carry friendliness and that you know exactly why you are there and that you’re serious about your goal. Don’t fidget or show unnecessary body movements.

The consular officer doesn’t really need to look at your documents, they have vast experience and have seen or processed so many applications many times they can figure out your intentions just by looking at you or by hearing you speak, they experienced in different fields and can ask you technical questions about what you do, you will be surprised to know about things they might know or be experienced in, the consular officer can be an expert in what you do.

Don’t give away unnecessary information voluntarily if it’s not being asked, In some cases, applicants try to be smart and give more than what is asked, this may trigger additional related questions which many not work in your favour, make sure you keep your communication brief and to the point.

In cases where you are applying as a group or even family, be prepared for situations where the consular officer will decide to give one or two out of the group visa, Ideally the group or family would like to travel together, if they decide to give one person, you should take it as it’s better than having the group’s visa rejected, this way it will be easier to apply again next time.

Finally, if you get the visa, go through the information on your visa carefully, make sure there are no typographical errors in the name, passport number, date of birth etc. and make sure everything is clear as these errors might get you returned at the port of entry. You can get cheap flight tickets to the USA at Travelstart which is Africa’s number one online travel agency.

If you don’t get the visa, it’s not the end of the world, you can always apply again and use your previous experience to ace the interview next time.

FULL ALBUM: Olamide – “Lagos Nawa (Wobey Sound)”

Olamide – Lagos Nawa is Olamide’s Highly anticipated Seventh album, the album has a total of 17 tracks.

Regular stars that he features are Timaya, Phyno, Tiwa Savage and Reminisce.

In terms of production, all the songs were produced by Young John except Track 7 which was produced by Olamide himself.



1. DOWNLOAD: Olamide – Fe Nu Shey Street



2. DOWNLOAD: Olamide – Radio Lagos



3. DOWNLOAD: Olamide – Yaga 



4. DOWNLOAD: Olamide – The One



5. DOWNLOAD: Olamide – Oro Pawpaw



6. DOWNLOAD: Olamide – Bend It Over Ft. Reminisce & Timaya



7. DOWNLOAD: Olamide – Shine



8. DOWNLOAD: Olamide – SaySayMaley



9. DOWNLOAD: Olamide – Mo Je Dodo



10. DOWNLOAD: Olamide – Lagos Nawa



11. DOWNLOAD: Olamide – Everyday Is Not A Christmas



12. DOWNLOAD: Olamide – On A Must Buzz Ft. Phyno



13. DOWNLOAD: Olamide – Shanko Baby


14. DOWNLOAD: Olamide – Fine Fine Girls Ft. Tiwa Savage 



15. DOWNLOAD: Olamide – Wo 



16. DOWNLOAD: Olamide – Enimimomi 



17. DOWNLOAD: Olamide – Wo (Spiritual)


MUSIC: Rapizo – Kilamity (Prod. By Charles Creation)

Rapizo – Kilamity (Prod. By Charles Creation)

Benue born star Rapizo after numerous outing in the music industry with hit singles like ‘Tar wase’, ‘Omo Ele’, ‘Tiv Way Back’, ‘Angereke’, ‘Valentine’, ‘Gunguu Mom (One Accord)’, ‘Your Interest One Nigeria’, Immortal RAPIZO, and a host of others on his second album, he’s set to release a hit club banger titled ‘KILAMITY’, a song which was Produced by Charles Creation.

Download, Listen and Share;


MUSIC: JoeVan – It’s You | @iam_joevan

T.M.A Entertainment act “JOEVAN” who made his grand debut with his hit single ‘Zamu Basu MamaKi’ is back with a new single titled “It’s You”. Fresh off his Recent Released single “ONLY”, JoeVan is set to soften the heart of the ladies with “It’s You”.

“It’s You” is Prod. by hit maker SkoolBeatz and Mixed by Mr. Trust

Listen & Download below:-

[download id=”17713″]

Profile: Hon Ehime Ehijator Isibor

Early life and educationHonorable Ehime Ehijator Isibor hails from Esan, Edo state. He was born into a catholic family of five with him being the first. He attended new Eden primary school mokola ibadan and went to sango high school to further his education. He graduated from the University of Ibadan with a law degree in 1992.


He is the founder of green aid trust (NGO) and owner of agra solution Inc office, located at 22a Adeleke adedoyin off kofo Anthony street Victoria island, Lagos.He is the Ceo of Goshen stream oil LTD, Ehos energy ltd, Ehos construction.


Hon. Ehime Ehijator Isibor was awarded peace ambassador because of his NGO. The inauguration of the newly appointed Ambassador for the World Peace organized by the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) Nigeria, which took place in Abuja, at the Peace Embassy on the 1st of june, 2013. The Global Day of parents, a special day set aside by the United Nations to celebrate Parents world-wide, was also a highlight of the event. Guests in attendance included Bamanga Tukur, the National PDP Chairman, the Secretary General of the UPF, the President of UPF and other prominent dignitaries. The event was chaired by Hon. Ehime Ehijator who was nominated by the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) based on his philanthropic achievement in creating peace and his dedicated support for the fight against malaria, a major problem in the society through his Ehos Green Aid Trust.

Personal life

He is married with children and based in Lagos but always travel overseas for business trips.

Philanthropic interests

Hon. Ehime Ehijator Isibor is a humanitarian who takes empowering youths as a major priority.His foundation, which provides humanitarian services to rural communities. He has provided thousands of youths with jobs. He is a politician and is also a big lover of the entertainment industry due to his a profound interest for bollywood. He has been in the entertainment for the past 15 years and has directed a couple movies which include award winning ‘blind justice’ produced in 2001, ‘love and affliction’ made in 2003 and others more.



MUSIC: Baloowhizy Ft. M’Prof – Wicked

Baloowhizy is one household name to be watchout for,the addictsville ent. rapper started the year with an inspirational song titled “hustle freestyle” which was well received by his audience. He went ahead to drop a mixtape in August titled “August mixtape” where he dropped four hot singles (AWON BOIZ,MUJO,BADMAN and CITY LIGHT) each week.
The hardworking fella is back again with a new single titled WICKED featuring one of the best artist in southeast called M’PROF… The record was produced by the legendary sarz and dj maphorisa of south Africa, M&M by m’krunky.
This is a sure hit song,perfect song for a dj mix.
Download,share and enjoy.
Twitter: baloowhizy1
Facebook: Kvng Baloo Whizy

MUSIC: Mysta J Zeal – Odogwu 2.0

After the successful release of his last single “DONE”. John stephen Aka Mysta J Zeal from bende local govt. In Abia state Nigeria Bounce with a new single he titles Odogwu 2.0 which was produced by Rex X and Mr Volts

Mysta J Zeal is currently working on a new project he titles “SWEAT N TEARS” which will be released soon. He also teases a newtrack titled “Streat Worship” release date is not known yet. Take a listen to the track below and share your view

Music: Psalm Ebube -Odunayo (Joyous Year) @psalmebube

This is my just recently (only few hours ago ) released single and my best work yet. It is titled

ỌdúnAyọ̀” (Joyous Year) I’m reaching out specifically to you because I believe you are very important to helping this song become all it’s capable of becoming. Please, listen to it. If you love it as I think you would, you could give it a short review on your Instagram/Facebook page, saying how you HONESTLY feel about the song. If it is positive, you could spread it in any way within your reach, through any means including word of mouth.
Multiple Award Winning West African Artiste| Humanitarian| Founder PEPFUND”Psalmebubepeacefoundation|Music|R&B/Soul| Adult/Alternative/Minister/Singer/Contemporary Urban Gospel/Performing Arts
Bookings: 08065406650

West Africa,
IG: @OfficialPsalmebube
Twitter: @Psalmebube
Facebook/Psalm Ebube


Video: EVENING CRUZZ – BAD BOI (DIR. BDK) | @Evening_cruzz


Nigerian Hip-hop act “Evening Bright Eriolamhen” Aka EVENING CRUZZ is a 400 level student AAU Edo State Nigeria, was given birth to in palmgroove, Shomolu Lagos state and he lives in Abuja.
He serves us visuals to the most anticipated video 2017 titled BAD BOI which was Directed by  BDK.
<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ gesture=”media” allowfullscreen></iframe>
Follow this amazing act on all social media platforms
Instagram….. @Eveningcruzz
Facebook…… Eveningcruzz

BREAKING! Anambra Election: INEC Declares Incumbent Governor Obiano Winner

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has declared the incumbent governor of Anambra, Mr Willie Obiano of All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), the winner of Saturday’s governorship election in the state.

Declaring the result in Awka on Sunday, the Returning Officer, Prof. Zana Akpagu, said Obiano polled 234, 071 votes to defeat his closest rival, Mr Tony Nwoye of All Progressives Congress (APC), who scored 98, 752 votes.

Akpagu, the Vice Chancellor of University of Calabar, said the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate, Mr Oseloka Obaze, came third with 70,293 votes.

He said that the total valid votes cast at the poll was 422,314; total number of rejected votes, 26,457 while the total votes cast was 448,771 votes.

The Resident Electoral Commissioner for the state, Dr Ukwachukwu Orji, commended the people of the state for exhibiting good behaviour, saying “no bloodshed was recorded.

Let this election not divide the people of the state but bring you together, he said

Orji said that Obiano would get his certificate of return from INEC on Wednesday.

We promised free, fair and credible poll and that is what we have fulfilled that, he said.

‘Why We Won’t Accept Ranching In Nigeria’- Fulani Herdsmen Speak

Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria have vowed not to accept cattle ranching because the country’s geographical location was not suitable for it.

According to the herders, the anti-open grazing laws being established by state governments would die a natural death like ‘political sharia law’ in Zamfara.

Addressing newsmen, yesterday, in Abuja, through their socio-cultural association, under the aegis of Miyetti-Allah Kautal Hore, the Fulani insisted that events in history showed that ranching was not practicable in Nigeria.

To this end, they urged the Federal Government to immediately stop state governments from enacting anti-open grazing laws.

National Secretary of Miyetti-Allah Kautal Hore, Saleh Alhassan, who read the association’s prepared speech to newsmen at the event, called on the Federal Government to stop state governments, especially Benue and Taraba states, from going ahead with implementing the laws.

He said: “The whole experiment of ranching in Nigeria is a total failure, you can google it, it’s there on the Internet for everyone to see.

“ Right from the 70s,the old Gongola State had experimented ranching, the same with Kaduna State and even the old Plateau State. All the ranches collapsed because the geographical location of this country is not suitable for ranching.

“In places where there are successful ranching in the world, the volume of rain per annum in those areas is at least four to seven months, that’s why you have grasses that can naturally be sustained.

“At the same time, you must have the necessary breeds that will support even ranching. The current breeds we have in this country cannot be supported by ranching.

“Anywhere you keep these volume of cows we have now, for two weeks, they will eat out everything and you will have ecological disaster, “he said.

“ We view the anti-grazing law as an agenda to destroy our means of livelihood by visionless and desperate politicians.

“Anti-grazing laws are nothing but populist agenda designed by visionless and desperate politicians to destroy our means of livelihood.

“This dangerous gambit must be nib in the bud by the federal government through the security agencies as it portends great danger to the cooperate existence of the country.

“These laws are oppressive and negative and are fundamentally against our culture as Fulani pastoralists, against our economic interest and against the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“ It is important to note that inter-state movement of pastoralists is similar to inter-state commerce and it is only the National Assembly that can legislate on that aspect as captured in item 62 of the exclusive legislative list. So no state governor can decide to stop movement of pastoralists because that is their own form of commerce. So, they have gone against the constitution.

“The laws do not take into cognisance our sociology, our economic interest, our production patterns, climate variations and factors that pushed pastoralists into these migrations. These migrations are not picnics, they are detected by ecological needs.

“It is a common knowledge that the primitive form of agriculture practiced in Benue and Taraba states and indeed all over the country, is not consonant with global best practices.

“ So why singling out the pastoralists and insist that they must ranch which is the global best practice? That’s out argument.

“If the whole agricultural policy, the whole development of agriculture in Nigeria is still at this primitive stage, you cannot single out the herders who are also farmers that they must practice global best practice, it’s not possible.”

“Again, very fundamentally,the River Benue and the tributaries and also the international routes and roads that pass through Benue don’t belong to Benue State Government, they belong to the Federal Government. Benue State Government has no jurisdiction over River Benue, its tributaries, the lakes, the river basins, they are all federal government’s. So how do you now start to legislate to say ‘you are going to stop access to those natural resources?’

“Between January and and early May,is when pastoralists move to the river basins because that is the peak of dry season and most of the rivers pastoralists use to water their animals dried up and they now move towards the River Benue.

“So designing a policy that will exclude the herders completely is wrong, what they should have done is to have restricted areas for the herders and then give them access to grazing corridors and watering points during those peak periods of dry season.

“As cultivation comes up during the rainy season, these people naturally migrate northwest. So, it’s detected by climatic changes. That’s why we are saying it’s not possible, the law will not work because it’s not well thought out.

“Then for you to create a ranch, the environmental impact assessment must be done on the areas earmarked for the ranch, and it must not take a minimum of two to three seasons. That’s to say you must do studies during the wet season, do studies during the dry season and then repeat it so that you compare before you can say this place is suitable for a ranch.

“So ranch is technologically driven, it’s capital intensive and it’s not practicable for this kind of subsistence farmers we have, the livestock farmers are subsistence farmers. It’s just like saying nobody will cultivate his land if he doesn’t own a tractor, so how many people will go to farm?

“ So, it’s not that we don’t want to respect law and order but when you make an impossible laws, then you are not creating peace. You are either deliberately attempting to provoke conflict for either political reasons or you are being hoodwinked and deceived by desperate political advisers just probably because they want to get money out of you, they make you create laws that will create conflict.”

Photos Of Beautiful Celebrity Couples at Banky W and Adesua Etomi’s Traditional Wedding… #BAAD2017

Adesua Etomi and Banky W got traditionally hitched today. We’ve been bringing you all the updates from this beautiful union.

The beautiful couple held their traditional wedding ceremony at the Hard Rock Cafe in Lagos, today, it’s still ongoing, as they’re already on the reception!

The star studded event was lit by the attendance of countless celebrity couples who all looked amazing rocking the Aso-Ebi Ebi in different styles!

Now, here are the hot couples who came out dressed to impress.

Wizkid Cries Out As He Misses His Boss Banky W’s Wedding

Wizkid has expressed regret after missing his former record label boss, Banky W’s traditional wedding today. He appears to be stuck in South Africa.

Posting a photo of Banky W, he wrote

My big brother and boss for life! Love u bro ❤️ God bless your day! Lord knows how sad i am missing this special day☹️ We go rock church wedding ..Love forever!