STORY// Doctor said I should go and test my manhood

After having a Hernia operation, the Doctor said I should go and test my manhood,my fiancee and I agreed to engage in sex only after marriage, she is also still a virgin.
We still want to keep to our decision, she is also afraid that my manhood might not work if not tested, but she doesn’t want me to cheat and don’t want us to break our principle.

What should I do?

Will it be called cheating if I go and sleep with another gal or if she  is the one that arranged for the gal?

If you were my Fiancee, will you allow me go sleep with another gal to check if I am mediacally sound downstairs or will you agree to loose your virginity before your wedding to same man who has promised to marry you in few months time?

What if you say he should wait till after marriage and finds out he is not medically okay because of the operation, what will you do?

PLEASE give reasons to your answer.

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