STORY// My Husband’s Best Friend Is Asking Me Out

My Husband’s Best Friend Is Asking Me Out.

How can my hubby even think of calling him his best friend, I cant believe this, but my hubby trusted him.

Though he has been saying bad things about my hubby to me right from the day I knew him and my hubby (Then fiance), he said things for me not to trust in the relationship, I always wave it off cos I dont allow gossip in my marriage. The cat was let out of the bag yesterday, I was off duty, I didn’t go to work, I just finished doing laundering when he knocked and came in, I also have a female visitor at home, both of them started chatting, i left them in the sitting room to my room, was surprised when he came in to my room, I was on the bed, he came and sat down, threw his hand on my waist, I stood up immediately, I couldn’t believe the scene, next he wanted to cross his two hands on my neck, I pushed him out and asked him what this is all about, then he opened his stinking mouth to tell me how he was attracted to me from day one, how him and I should start a secret date without my hubby’s knowledge, that after all my hubby is cheating ( of which my hubby doesn’t), that he can take me to any hotel or Cafe of my choice (As if that’s what a woman wants), that my hubby cant take me out, in fact a lot of rubbish just to get into my pants, SOME guys can be dog in human form, I turned him down immediately.

Right now I don’t want him to near my house let alone being my hubby’s friend any longer, the issue now is that if my hubby happens to hear exactly what happened, he wont take it easy with the guy cos he’s hot tempered, but how can I make my hubby understand that this guy is not a guy to keep as friend let alone close friend?

Even if my hubby is cheating, is that a justified reason why I should cheat?

Why do married men even cheat in a Marriage?

My hubby needs to take a quick action cos if I were the only one in the apartment, it might have ended up in rape with the look in the guy’s eye.

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