‘Tired of all this sh*t, my mind is telling me I won’t leave to see 35’ – Bow Wow raises more suicidal fears

Over the weekend, rapper Bow Wow raised suicidal fears when wrote on social media that ‘Sometimes I REALLY wish I never existed… I can never do SHIT RIGHT EVEN WHEN IM DOING RIGHT! I’m better off.’

Now the disturbed rapper who recently celebrated his 31st birthday has sparked more fears.

During a question and answer session with fans on Twitter this afternoon, the ‘Let Me Hold You’ rapper spilled a lot of his personal problems.


When asked by a fan, where he sees himself in the future: Bow Wow replied:  ‘Not far. Because my mind telling me I won’t see 35 … my whole life I been paranoid like someone out to get me. Which is crazy. I used to think id die in LA when I was younger because of big and Pac. I use to be terrified as a child. Crazy thoughts.’

In another tweet to another fan, the 31-year-old also disclosed that he doesn’t know if there is a God.

‘I don’t what to believe. I don’t know if there is a god. Is it energy I don’t know. My faith never been strong I never felt comfy in churches none of that. Ima weirdo. That’s how I’ve always been.’

See some of his replies to fans below.


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